Monday, August 31, 2009

RH has outdone themselves!

This morning we got a call from our local Restoration Hardware store representative advising us to go online and look at their new fall collection. Wowzers! It was a nice little visual treat to begin this work week!

Really love the linen upholstery with nail heads and the bookcases look like a limed oak. The Victorian inspired pendant looks fresh and I would love to see a pair above a kitchen table, multiple down a long hallway or as a unique fixture in a entryway. This monochromatic scheme is rich and delicious!

I love the contrast of the clean hard lines of the industrial side tables and the Brickmaker's coffee table with the ornate Neoclassical style mirror. I find these two flood lights a tad bit intense, but they do work for the styling of the shoot.

Chesterfield Sofa. Gallery wall. Sisal rug. Salvaged balustrade coffee table. Brass accents. I'm ready to move in.

Love the influence of architectural salvage in these pieces.

Restoration Hardware has really stepped up their game. These are great inspirational images. Personally, I like to scour flea markets and salvage yards before buying reproductions, but these are a great plan B as sometimes the hunt can be fruitless. I know I am encouraged to go to my local salvage yard and look for some discarded reminants to turn into a distinctive piece of furniture. Everyone should check the RH website or go run over to their closest retail location!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

UPS Delivery!

It is always fun when the UPS guy appears with an extra surprise in his daily load of deliveries. Now this book is some serious interior design eye candy! I know Glamorous Rooms will be residing on my bedside table for a few weeks as I pour over the gorgeous images.

Image via

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ann Arbor Antiques Market

For years I have been going to the Ann Arbor Antiques Market. My mom and I will grab a Starbucks and hit the road around nine in the morning. This summer, with busy summer schedules, we have not been able to make it monthly to the market that is housed in about 5 large barns with additional vendors sprawling out onto the grassy surround. The season begins in April, and is probably the best of all the shows. There is a fresh energy that hits Midwesterners this time of year, as we are overjoyed to be thawing out and eager with anticipation for the upcoming summer.

This show was slightly less crowded, probably due to families getting in their last vacation before school starts and the Cruise, but it did not fail to be a fantastic way to spend a beautiful Saturday.

Pictured above is a cool vendor that I noticed for the first time this year. This is a way to get the trendy industrial look without having to dig too deep into the pockets. I have a pretty tiny kitchen and in April I bought a cart to convert into an island. I think my mom had thought I lost my marbles. A little elbow grease and a slab of 1-1/2" carrara marble and.... voilĂ !

The cart, circa 1920, from a Toledo factory refashioned as my kitchen island

I probably will not be able to make it back to the Ann Arbor Antique Market this season, but there are some other great shows this fall. The Goodwill Antique Show and Southfield Pavilion Antiques Expositions are not to be missed!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last night, we headed down to Detroit's premier auction house, DuMouchelles. Being known in the area as leaders in fine art auctions and appraisals, we thought we would run down and see if anything would catch our eye. Once we stepped out of the concrete city landscape and into the showroom, the appealing lighting and possibility of good fortune was very inviting.

Without a particular client in mind, besides ourselves, we perused the cabinets, ran our fingers over the furniture and gawked at the jewelry. While not overly crowded, there was a nice array of, what we presume to be, long term collectors, first time buyers and young couples all excited about the possibility of a new acquisition. We left excited about a few smaller things, but will need to wait until the weekend to see if we will get lucky!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Double Happiness

The internet opens windows to numerous sources, so much so, that over here at Duncan Fuller we can get a little overwhelmed. While hours have been spent searching the plethora of items on liveauctioneers, over the weekend we finally decided to bite the bullet and place a bid.

Chinese Lidded Blue & White Jars

We deemed these "double happiness" jars the perfect introduction to . At 18" high this duo will make a pleasing statement on a mantel, sideboard or holding an arrangement of wild cherry blossom branches. Not to mention, for $100, we really couldn't go wrong!