Monday, August 31, 2009

RH has outdone themselves!

This morning we got a call from our local Restoration Hardware store representative advising us to go online and look at their new fall collection. Wowzers! It was a nice little visual treat to begin this work week!

Really love the linen upholstery with nail heads and the bookcases look like a limed oak. The Victorian inspired pendant looks fresh and I would love to see a pair above a kitchen table, multiple down a long hallway or as a unique fixture in a entryway. This monochromatic scheme is rich and delicious!

I love the contrast of the clean hard lines of the industrial side tables and the Brickmaker's coffee table with the ornate Neoclassical style mirror. I find these two flood lights a tad bit intense, but they do work for the styling of the shoot.

Chesterfield Sofa. Gallery wall. Sisal rug. Salvaged balustrade coffee table. Brass accents. I'm ready to move in.

Love the influence of architectural salvage in these pieces.

Restoration Hardware has really stepped up their game. These are great inspirational images. Personally, I like to scour flea markets and salvage yards before buying reproductions, but these are a great plan B as sometimes the hunt can be fruitless. I know I am encouraged to go to my local salvage yard and look for some discarded reminants to turn into a distinctive piece of furniture. Everyone should check the RH website or go run over to their closest retail location!

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