Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Much Ado With Nothing

Well, it kinda works. In a tribute to an inherent design eye in the world of academia I thought I should get a little crafty with the title. And, this post is about someone who achieved stylish design in what most consider a room lacking any redeeming fashionable qualities... the DORM room! Anywhoo, I stopped in to see my friends Stacey and Julie last night and they directed me to this cool article in the New York Magazine. Some of you might have already come across this, I think I have seen a blurb here or there, but it's definitely worth revisiting.

At Drew University, Maximilian Sinsteden is redefining the concept of a dorm room. While most college students furnish their rooms from Bed Bath and Beyond, Maximilian's room carries the tone of a collected interior. Thrift store finds mixed with a few pieces from his mentor, Charlotte Moss, and this room looks like it should be the office of a distinguished professor rather than a college senior. I suggest everyone read the
article to properly understand how this look was achieved. After reading I would not expect anything less from a young man who obviously holds a natural ability to create a tasteful and elegant interior, no matter the canvas.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Somerset Show Home

Last week I went to check out the Somerset Show Home in Birmingham. It was really fun and interesting to see how Derocher and Dominick Tringali Architects bonds green living features in a comfortable and stylish manner. The eco-friendly elements are not all apparent to the naked eye and demonstrate to the average consumer how easy it can become more energy efficient.

The foyer. I loved these doors. They gave a nice added light to an area of the house which can sometimes feel isolated and dark.

The office, done by Ralph Lauren, was my favorite room in the entire house. Located just off the foyer I thought this room seamed the traditional study feel and classic simplicity beautifully. I guess I shouldn't expect anything less! The animal prints, leathers, "boom" table lamps, sketches and finishes made this room cozy and timeless. The bookcases are stained in eco-friendly wood stains from M.L. Campbell. The carpet is 100% wool.

The kitchen is designed as a space that is more effective for the modern family. It is truly a 'live in kitchen'. The built in cabinets are from Downview Kitchens and have a Environmentally Preferable Product certification. They are made with 100% recycled or recovered wood fibers. The display cabinets up top are air tight to prevent showcase pieces being covered in dust.

All the lights in the home are LED or CLF (compact florescent). Great Lakes Lighting took on the task of lighting in the Show Home and I think they did a nice job with the accent lighting, under cabinet lighting and unique cable lighting that is upstairs.

Now we're talkin'. I am all about the espresso maker. I think if I had this kitchen in my house I would be a very, very good cook. Never again would my dinners be made by removing a carton from the freezer and simply switching the oven to bake. Oh, by the way, these are Energy Star appliances.
This is pretty flashy too. From Kohler, this troff sink allows for easy waste removal. Imagine chopping veggies and just being able to push them all into this sink and letting the water whisk them away. Neato. The home is equipped with faucets that have low-flow aerators which helps reduce the flow. Low flow fixtures also include showers, toliets and tubs. This helps the consumer save money on bills and of course make them feel good about cutting mother nature a break.

Hellooooooo, Pantry. Movable layers, organizational shelves and fully stocked!

At Duncan Fuller, we are big on this design feature. The "family command center" located right off the kitchen makes scheduling easily accessible for kids and parents. Also, we get a look here at the wood floors in the kitchen. The floor is green-engineered wide plank American walnut flooring, supplied by Schafer Hardwood Flooring Co. Because being local is a big part of being green, Schafer Flooring uses Michigan trees that are harvest by low-enviromental-impact suppliers. By cutting down on the distance for both production and truck transport, this product is a very nice green choice. Not to mention the added bonus... drum roll please...the left over saw dust from cutting and sanding the boards is used by local horse farms for bedding material!

Right off the family room is the conservatory. Not only does this help to bring the outside inside, the palms create the benefit of producing oxygen!

I just took this picture because I love bar carts.

The dining room which is also done by Ralph Lauren. We all know I have a weakness for blue and white porcelain. I LOVE the framed scarf. Delish.

Dining Room
Living Room (Also done by Ralph)

Scarf pillows, I must do this.

Now, going up stairs....
Upstairs seating done by Resoration Hardware
This tub is like a pool. I wish I had also taken a picture of the shower. I swore I did, but alas, it did not show up on my camera once I got home.
Nothing says bathtime like a bubbles light fixture. I hope they drop this down about 7 feet. It is so close to the ceiling that upon first glance it is unnoticable.

Master Bedroom seating area

Espresso machine in the bedroom. This house has me all wired on the caffine hookups!

The quirkey cable lighting that has a very efficient voltage.

The upstairs laundry. I like the neaky the washer and dryer. Upon first glance no one would know... I should also mention that there is also a laundry room on the first floor. Fully functional with a special dog bath tub!

This house provides many distractions. Distraction numero uno, the theater room. Fully stocked with popcorn machine and candy vendor.

Numero dos, the Wii room. Not to mention there is a craft room, air hockey room, band stage, s'mores fireplace pit...

Okay, last but not least, the garage. I have never seen such a beautiful garage. Organized. Clean. It almost looks like you could serve lunch off the floor. I really liked how the slats are on every wall, making it easy to hang all the junk that usually gets accumulated in garages.
Well, that is all for now. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures. I will do a post later of even more ideas for the average home owner to utilize the benefits of going green!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Check out what I won at Stefek's auction last night. There might be a reoccuring theme here with the blue and white porcelain. Sooner or later I am going to be up to my ears in Chinese jars!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I went down to check out Stefek's Auction house. My friend, Karen, works there and told me that I needed to come down and see the items in the September auction. Located at 18450 Mack Ave. in Grosse Pointe Farms, this preview was worth sitting in rush hour traffic. My mom and I both made comments that the condition of their pieces is exceptional and price points present options for everyone. In addition to auctions, Stefek's specializes in estate sales. While
I have attended one of their auctions, I have never been to an estate sale. I think I must make this a priority in October!
Stefek's Auction House
18450 Mack Ave.
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI

Auction Begins at 6pm (doors open at 4:30)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

West Coast Connection

This post is a little photo journal from the wedding Scott & I went to last weekend. From Tahoe to San Francisco the natural beauty, cityscapes and people all proved to be an inspiring combination. I also used this trip as an opportunity to pull out my old manual (film!) camera to snap some pictures. It was nice not to have the pleasure of 'instant photo gratification' and I am very excited to pick them up from the developer this afternoon. If I can get them on a disk, maybe I will be able to share them with all of you too! As for now, here are some of the digital photos.