Thursday, October 21, 2010


Last week my friend, Lee, hosted a wine tasting at Tallulah in Birmingham in honor of his 25th birthday.  What a wonderful evening. The ambiance was cozy and inviting, the chatter lively and the wine deeeeelish. Not to mention, the antipasto platter. I could live off cheese and salami. Scratch that. I could live off of cheese, salami and wine. I am literally getting hungry at my desk as I type this. 

After our wonderful experience last week, Scott and I decided to grab a quick bite at the Tallulah bar last night. Anyone who is looking to have an intimate dinner or gathering should look no further. Bottom line: this place has good energy. And wine. And cheese. And salami. And sweet potato gnocchi. Did I mention the wine?

You get the idea. Go. 

Tallulah Wine and Bistro
155 S. Bates
Birmingham, MI
p. 248.731.7066.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turkel House

Two Sundays past, I was invited with my friend Stacey to attend an open house at the recently remodeled Turkel House in Palmer Woods. Built in 1955 by Frank Lloyd Wright, this house clearly defines Wright's Usonian style. The front left of the home, known as the music room, is encased in a series of glass blocks, typical of the Usonian style. 

As we walked around the home, munched on gormet grilled cheeses and listened to the lively chatter intermixed with a trio of musicians, the home felt truly magical. This renovation was no easy undertaking. For the last 5 years the owners have painsakingly restored the details in this home that create an intimate masterpiece.  The harmony and drama of scale is very apparent in the layout of the home.  The cooridor that runs along the front of the home feels snug and cozy, but upon reaching the music room one is greeted with a crescendo of light and the magnificent grandeur of the a full two story room. 

I tried to snap a few pictures, but really wanted to just enjoy the visit (and not be an intrusive guest). Here are a couple photos I took of the renovated master suite. 

HOUR magazine ran a wonderful article last month on the home. Here are some of their pictures:

This was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  What was most exciting of all was seeing a home, that just a few years ago had been left to disrepair, now bursting with a new found energy. I have a feeling though, the energy never truly left.  There was a certian spirit in the air. This is Detroit. Passionate people dedicating their lives to reviving what makes us great. One house at a time.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


ArtPrize is an amazing competition in Grand Rapids where artists from all over the world take over the city for a publicly juried art exhibition.  Hundreds of thousands of votes are cast and hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money are at stake. This year's winner, Chris LaPorte, created a  painstakingly awesome pencil drawing entitled, "Cavalry, American Officers, 1921". I am in awe of this drawing and the detail is pretty much breathtaking. 

Next year I am going to make it a point to go check out this amazing competition!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekends Are Awesome

It is amazing what we can find to fill our days when we don't have to be in an office. Although, I bet if we had free time all the time we may not enjoy it as much. Thats probably horseshit, but I'll keep telling it to myself.  My past weekend was a beauty. Beginning with cooking in and a heated game of Trivial Pursuit (obvi pop culture!) to a wonderful Ann Arbor tailgate (and MSU victory!!!!!) and ending with a gorgous walk around Cranbrook and a couple birthday parties (plus a Columbus Day parrrtay!), I'd say this weekend was a winner. Now, I need a breather. 

The fall colors are right on the cusp of autumn perfection. Check it out.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Back, Me.

Okay. So, it's been a while. I know. Sometimes I find myself wondering where the hours in a day go, days in the month and months in a year. Life flies and as soon as I know it, time has passed and I cannot even remember what I did 2 days ago. Oh, the tribulations of being a busy and  slightly overwhelmed 26 year old.  But, seriously, I know you guys have all felt it.  You get in the ZONE. Going about your day, through the motions... and.... voliĆ ... you've done half your Target run and you cannot remember what's in your basket.  Early age?  I think not. This is what I call the epitome of being a scatter brained. This is me.

Now I am starting to take "busy" less seriously. Everyone is busy. Everyone needs more sleep. Get over yourself.  Alrighty! Done. So, hello blog world (and hello, Nani, BAM & Avery!).  Sometimes I wonder what thoughts can be so valuable to put down in writing. When you forget alot, everything become valuable. Our thoughts and our ideas, while sometimes fleating, are so important in making us who we are. I have become one of those people who  have a notepad next to their beds. 

2 am. Dream. Good idea. Write it down or else you will never remember what on earth you were thinking. 8am. What in God's name was I thinking?

I guess my bottom line is, it's all important. It's essential to acknowledge our thoughts. Writing is the language of our brains and the cliff notes of our being.

And so it goes....