Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Much Ado With Nothing

Well, it kinda works. In a tribute to an inherent design eye in the world of academia I thought I should get a little crafty with the title. And, this post is about someone who achieved stylish design in what most consider a room lacking any redeeming fashionable qualities... the DORM room! Anywhoo, I stopped in to see my friends Stacey and Julie last night and they directed me to this cool article in the New York Magazine. Some of you might have already come across this, I think I have seen a blurb here or there, but it's definitely worth revisiting.

At Drew University, Maximilian Sinsteden is redefining the concept of a dorm room. While most college students furnish their rooms from Bed Bath and Beyond, Maximilian's room carries the tone of a collected interior. Thrift store finds mixed with a few pieces from his mentor, Charlotte Moss, and this room looks like it should be the office of a distinguished professor rather than a college senior. I suggest everyone read the
article to properly understand how this look was achieved. After reading I would not expect anything less from a young man who obviously holds a natural ability to create a tasteful and elegant interior, no matter the canvas.


  1. This kid has talent - amazing!! I could live in that room.

  2. whoo hoo! Thanks, Mom for the commenting! I am so glad you enjoyed the article!

  3. I LOVE this. When I first saw it, I admit I thought you had taken a picture of Scott on the couch from aerial view. I hope that he had this room all 4 years... I certainly think that is a lot of work to only enjoy for 2 semesters, but hey, it looks great.