Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I think it is very sweet to have a day dedicated to making someone feel special.  I thought it was very convenient this "holiday" fell on a Sunday as I decided to take my first stab at beef tenderloin. I got the recipe from the Park Avenue Potluck cookbook.  For never having cooked any sort of roast, (is that the appropriate term?) I found this fabulous recipe....easy!  Along with "Aunt Janet's Perfect Beef Tenderloin" I whipped up "Chesie Breen's Fine Tuned Green Beans with Feta". I did not serve them cold, as reccomended, but rather let the hot green beans turn the feta into melted goodness.  The Park Avenue Potluck Cookbook has turned out to be a great source for me. Not only are there fabulous pictures, entertaining tidbits and background stories on the recipies from some of New York's high society, but a portion of the proceeds go to Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  Now if that doesn't make you feel good, I don't know what will!  Mine was a house warming gift, but you can pick it up here. The recipes and entertaining advice will be a welcomed addition to any hostess's library.
I set the table in a fashion adapted from what I am planning on doing on June 26th (our wedding day!). Tapered candles, silver candle sticks, blue and white Chinese import china (although not authentic, I picked it up at a garage sale over the weekend for $15), leggy orchids and hemstitched napkins all were meant to give a suggestion to the design of our reception.

Now, excuse me, I think I need to go heat up my leftovers for breakfast!!


  1. What a beautifully set table! I'm sure we could create our own version of Park Avenue Potluck... Woodward Avenue Cooking??? :)

  2. Lauren, Caroline, and Aunt CathyFebruary 18, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    Hi Annie,
    We love your blog. Looks like a very romantic Valentines Day! Looking forward to this weekend with you. See you soon!Happy Valentines Day!!! :)

  3. P.S. I loved the pictures of Hogan!!!

  4. Thanks for posting!! I think this is the most comment action the Duncan Fuller blog has ever gotten.... and I LOVE it!!