Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

I realize the Duncan Fuller posting has been a little slight lately, but luckily that is because we have been totally swamped. Welcome, design overdrive! Today, along with much of the eastern half of the country, we got pounded with snow. Nothing really too new, or even in lines with the folks on the east coast, but still enough to close down schools and make everyone drive with extra precaution. What is a little unsual about today's snow day is that I have an extra cute design assistant in the office!

Meet Hogan!

Patiently waiting to go out and frolick in the snow.

Glamor shot.

Hogan- trying to get my attention as all 70 pounds of him try to crawl up into my lap.  As I am on a wheelie desk chair. Hmm.. is wheelie a word?

In his snuggly snow day spot.... right under my desk!

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