Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ann Arbor Antiques Market

This morning I got up and drove to Ann Arbor to go to the antique market. I have been going to this show with my mom for the last 4 years.  It wasn't quite the same to go alone, but I still had a grand ol' time. Going to Saline is one of my favorite activities during the spring and summer months. There is always such a fabulous array of pieces at a variety of prices ranges.  Lately, as we have all seen, there is this Industrial/Americana look that is taking off with amazing collections from national chain retailers (i.e. Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn).  I am the first to admit that I love these looks that are being made accessible to the masses.  I love looking through the nicely stylized catalogs and noting certian styles and trends.  This being said, my first inkling would be never to go out and buy a modern reproduction of an antique piece of furniture or accessory.... especially not when the real things can be so easily found at antique markets, many times for less than their contemporary counterparts!  There were so many items in Ann Arbor today that are gracing the covers of our national retailers. The thing is that what you see at the antique market is not "inspired" from the past... it IS the past. I have always loved things with a history and being at the market today was no exception.  I was giddy with excitement and while I could have packed my car to the brim, both my wallet and my sensibility did not allow me to do so. I think anyone who is looking to jazz up their home should go to their local antique market as antiques immediatley add personality, character and a little bit of whimsy. Not to mention, who doesn't love a piece with a story... and I bet the story of how you obatained the piece will beat they now typical "online shopping" or "picked it up at the mall".

This vendor has all sorts of antique books.  I bought some for myself last year.  For about $15 a pop you can create a rich and aesthetically looking collection that looks like it came right out of an old mahogany library.

 This vendor is also something out of the usual.  I found them up in Petoskey, but they made a stop today in Ann Arbor.  These are all different types of paper mache molds. They are so intriquing and beautiful in their own unconventional way. 

I chose to display mine in an antique wooden bowl.  Sometimes they sit on my coffee table or sometimes on my kitchen "island". Regardless, they always spark a commentary.

And... here are my purchases today!

I have been looking for a head/bust for my living room.  Currently it is sitting on my new chest, but I am sure he will have very many different locations over time!
My other purchase was this french container from around 1910.  I have seen this booth before but have never really known how I would use them.  I decided to bit the bullet today and just figure it out.  This label means "salt". Guess I now have a snazzy salt container!

Here are a few other photos from the market.  I should have taken more, but I always feel a little awkward snapping photos of vendor's booths.  I always ask, but it is usually kinda awkward.... mostly just a confused look and a shrug.  Today one vendor kept asking me if I was sure I didn't want to photograph him.  I was sure.

All in all it was a great day.  I cannot wait to go to the show next May... and to have my mom back as my partner in scouting!

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