Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Today is a good day.  It's Friday. It's 80 degrees. Being that it is the beginning of April, and living in Michigan, this is something we should all celebrate. Also, for some of us, it is a holiday weekend! Good things ahead.  

Tinkering around on the internet this week I stumbled upon Judith Miller Inc. This site has eaten away at minutes of my day because I just cannot tear myself away. Previously, I have not been really aware that being a photographer's representative is an actual job, but now I am aware...aware that this job is super cool. This firm matches extremely talented photographers with projects, clients and campaigns to create the finest and most efficient working relationship. There are about 18 photographers who all have their own portfolios on web display equaling a multitude of moving photos, each one seeming to outdo the next. This competition for fundamental artistic beauty leaves the viewer with an array of inspiring images.

While it is hard to select one artist being superior to the next, I have chosen to showcase some of my favorite images from photographer, James Merrell. His pieces have a voice and tell a story. While I did not include many of his portraits, I enjoyed how they visually told stories about the subjects. I highlighted mostly interior shots here, because I loved how they all had a dash of the unexpected. From the colors to the objects of curiosity, they are truly an array of eye catching moments. My suggestion would be that you set aside some time and view his portfolio, as well as all the other photographers. Just don't do this if you have something that needs your immediate attention, because you are bound to get carried away.

All photos via James Merrell

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