Thursday, July 22, 2010


It's simple. Not the Unplugged wave that MTV made famous in the mid eighties, with the eclectic performances ranging from Tony Bennent to Nirvana, but the actual, simple act of removing the technology that dictates our lives and getting back to knowing ourselves and observing the world around us. Being of a generation where when we have a lull in being bombarded by texting, bbming, facebooking, youtubing, foursquaring, we may be as bold to state that we are bored.  Don't get me wrong, I am the first person that needs to listen to this advice. I think I am getting carpal tunnel from texting and my posture is suffering from sitting over a key board all day, but I do feel that we could all go out an explore a little more what is beyond our virtual world.  This all probably sounds very hypocritical as type away at this blog entry, listen to a Pandora station and occasionally switch over to the tab. Well, I guess we all have good intentions.

While in Bermuda Scott and I put a halt to the tech barrage that gets so ingrained into our routines everyday. No email. No phone. No Ipod.  I do admit, the Ipod-less vacation began as an unfortunate mistake.  Mine is lost. No real surprise here for those who know me... it is probably in the big, black hole that consumes many other objects in my life.  Scott's is the casualty to a water prank gone wrong. Karma.  This was the most refreshing thing we could have done to really recharge. For starters, I think it was the first time in ages I had sat at the beach and not drowned out the sea gulls and waves with some blaring tunes (if it had been Palm Beach circa 1998 you better believe those tunes would have been from the Mariah Carey #1's CD). Hearing the crashing waves was just the beginning. Being able to read books, play board games and have conversation not sparked by the daily new controversy was all amazingly rejuvenating.

Ok, onto the design portion. We all have these special places that allow us to unplug.  But, if we are able to take this opportunity it is all up to us and what our life style permits. It was when I was babysitting this weekend that I came across an Elle Decor issue I had not seen. Now, if we want to discuss a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, this is it.  I was excited to read this article detailing a barn renovation in the Hamptons for Ralph Lauren creative director. Doesn't that just sound like it would carry a blessing from the decor gods! Well, it does.

This home just has soul. I loved how the home has a spirit and a history that is communicated in the patinas, textures and materials. The barn carries a nostolgia of yesteryears but also is able to achieve a very modern purpose.  I am a firm believer in historic preservation, but for us to all be able to use historic buildings effeciently in the modern age there is no doubt that changes have to be made. One of my favorite comments in this article is from the architect, Calvert Wright, “We wanted to treat everything that was there originally with total respect—and then make the clashes artful”. Artful is the key word here. We have all seen a building adapted for modern use that really just erases many of the aspects that give it the unique historical charm.

Check out the pictures below and, if ya feel like it, imagine yourself relaxing and unwinding admist the artfully styled rooms in this fantastic rural hideaway.

 Photographer: Roger Davies


  1. Talk about place to disconnect.....I came across an issue in my house of Architectural Digest that was really old and it highlighted Ralph Lauren's house in Jamaica --- I tracked it down for you online.....It reminded me of your wedding motif with the blue and white ginger jars and trees everywhere!

  2. How did you get so wise in 26 years? I have loved all of your postings, my darling grandaughter, and this one is so thoughtful. Keep them to you and Scott, Nani

  3. I had missed this post over the weekend and am just reading it now. I feel relaxed already! What a wonderful way to start my week!

  4. Thank you guys for the comments!! Liz- I love Ralph and Ricky's place... he really is the ultimate in style. Thanks for sharing!!