Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookie Bake

I have become addicted to the Food Gawker website. Every picture is a beautiful image of what YOU possibly could make. I am always motivated in the culinary category by photos. Give me a cook book without images and I will probably only open it upon referral.  Give me a cook book with some bang-up photography and you may actually get me in the kitchen!

Both cookie photos via here.

Let's talk Holiday Cookies.  What an assortment of possibilities!  All the options may make me break the mold on the annually typical thumb print and sugar cookies. For my office cookie bake on Monday night I found the recipe for "Magic Middle Cookies" which lead me to this most amazing foodie blog, Gonna Want Seconds. These cookies are unreal. UNREAL.  They are like a brownie cookie with peanut butter centers. Warm them up in the microwave and they are irresistable.  I made about 3 batches and I can tell you each batch (due to my inexperience in the kitchen) was a different concoction.  It didn't matter, as they were all scrumptious.  I definitely think this recipe will become a new holiday tradition!

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