Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy Holidays

I look at this blog and just cannot believe I haven't posted since Thanksgiving.  It is going to seem like all I do is celebrate holidays. But, in all seriousness, I feel like I have been on festive mode overdrive for the last 3 weeks.  And it is fabulous.  As I write this I am sitting cozy in front of a fire in my fireplace, listening to some Christmas jams (thanks, Pandora), watching a wet, strong snowfall outside and eating chocolate covered oreos (thanks, Julie).  Oh, and I have this scented candle lit. It is so amazing.  The scent is almost exactly like the Slatkin & Co. Holiday candle. I think the scent combined with the $13 dollar price tag & mercury glass looking container has contributed to it being sold out in every Target I have visited.  I guess we all can sniff out a good deal!

Here is the photo montage of what mega holiday spirit looks like. From the lights in Birmingham  to trimming our tree to the Advent by candle light dinner in the St. Dunstan's chapel at Christ Church Cranbrook to wrapping parties, sweater parties, dinner parties and anniversary parties.  This is the most wonderful time of the year!  Hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am.

The most gorgous and festive Gracious Living on it's 2nd year anniversary!

And for today's gorgeous snow fall as seen from the back patio of Oakland Hills...

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  1. annie everything looks FANTASTIC! i cannot believe that snow; to think we were just celebrating your wedding on that impossibly green golf course under the sun only half a year ago.. a gorgeous view, regardless the weather. the corner cabinets are so fitting in the dining room and your baking & cooking is giving martha a run for her money :) love and miss you. continue keeping everybody posted. can't wait for more holiday/seasonal photos! happy new year. love you guys!