Thursday, January 21, 2010


Everyone makes resolutions.  This year I am making a few... one of them is a repeat from last year of which I never fulfilled. That's not really a promising start, but hopefully in the 365 days of 2010 I can find the time to complete what I set out to start!

So.. here it is for 2010...
1.  Organize about 7 years worth of photos.  This is the doozy left over from 2009.  I have 7 years worth of photos to organize and about a million memories. Yep. No biggie.

2. Find more time to be crafty.  By this I mean make the time to complete some projects I am itching to get done and not always hire out the work to be done for me.  I hope this will produce some satisfying results!

3.  Cook dinner at least once a week.  I understand this is normal for most people, but I really want to learn recipes, actually have a "spice cabinet" and have stocked ingredients so I can just "whip up something" oh a whim.  These seem like all things that good cooks are able to do.  This is actually stemmed from my holiday viewing of "It's Complicated".  Meryl Streep brings everyone together with her food and in a sense it makes her the glue, needed and irresistible.  I wouldn't complain if some new found culinary skills made me any of the above.

So, here we are.  This was last weeks definition of cooking once a week.  Well, actually it was a pot luck, but I did make the main course.  As last week went on (the second week in January) I had already not fulfilled resolution #3.  Too soon into the game!  When Saturday rolled around, I decided to be brave and invite the crew over for dinner.  Everyone did an amazing job contributing to the meal.  I cooked a chicken with an apricot and soy sauce glaze topped with toasted almonds.  It was tasty and tured out pretty well for a group of 12. From the spinach artichoke dip to the pizza muffins, to the saland dressing and even a little store bought (but equally amazing) Sanders bumpy cake the meal was all around fulfilling in both the food and the company.  

Oh, and resolution #2 is hanging on either side of the windows. My mom helped me sew up those drapery panels in between Christmas and the New Year.  It had been about 4 years since I had stitched away on the sewing machine, but I was glad to find out it is kind of like riding a bike.  We had so much fun!  As most projects do, these babies took me double the amount of time I had allotted.  Well worth it though, it's nice to have some ownership in some new window dressings.

Anddd....... still no progress on resolution #1. 

I hope 2010 is going well for everyone else!!!!

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