Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh, Well Thanks For Thinking Of Me!

Do you guys get Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP emails and fee like you've just gotten a nice, crafty email from a friend? Well.... I do.  I am obsessed with this last little email update.  I mean how did she know I would be in love with these London hotel interiors?  Seriously, this makes me want to book a chic, European vacation today.  The Connaught Hotel in London looks to embody everything from established charm to sleek, contemporary enchantment.  Not only is the hotel beautiful, it also houses two fashionable bars, The Connaught Bar and Coburg Bar and the Hélèn Darroze Restaurant.  Exploring the hotel website I found my heart fluttering from the visual design thrill! The interiors, designed by David Collins, exemplify the type of design that just get me in a flurry of excitement.   Clean lines combined with time-honored forms; stylish editing that communicates a collected, cultured environment. These pictures do not even do the hotel justice, for design bliss I recommend perusing the website. 

Another hotel suggestion is the Dean Street Townhouse, which really looks like staying at a home away from home!  How cool to escape the hustle and bustle of an activity filled day to your own townhouse?  With only 39 rooms it seems that this hotel exhibits both intimacy and style.  And, with rooms starting at 95 pounds I'd say book it!

 Go check out Gwyenth's website, GOOP, for more London hotspots... the restraunts she reccoments look equally as amazing!

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