Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gallery Wall Update

This weekend I picked up a few things from the framers for the gallery wall. I am not sure if I am totally sold on where I have placed them, but for right now with what I have to work with I think it is fine.  

I bought the larger, art deco feeling print from for $25.  It is done by Leo Rauth.  I cannot find one article of information on this artist, except that he was German and died in 1913.  I expected with all the information on the internet to be a little more informed about the artist of my new acquisition!  For some reason I was drawn to the graphic style of the rider's pants and how well the piece read from far away.  It is described as a "pochoir print".  Again, I reference an online description for exactly what this means.  It seems as thought the pochoir technique  is created by using a series of stencils and then hand applying the color.   Apparently, in the early 1900's this process was known as the ultimate way of printing, but due high cost of printing and intensive labor, it became less common.  It seems beause they became more rare there is a current demand for them, but their value is often under realized.  For $25 I would say under realized is an understatement... but, I guess one never knows!!  Regardless, I love the personality of the new addition to my family room.

The second new addition is a $5 1940's postcard I bought from etsy.  I think the lady at the frame store thought I really loved horses.  This is not the case, I guess just a coincidence. I do love the red jackets both guys are sporting in these pieces.  This also makes me think I should probably seperate them on the gallery wall.. to spread out the similarities!

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  1. I had seen the new acqusitions but to see them framed and on the wall is even better! I did a little searching of past auction results on your artist and only came up with a few water color and pencil images recorded. There was one of a great fashion design you would love so keep your eys open for this artist!