Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wedding Road Block

I am having a little trouble finding the rental linens and chargers I want for June 26th. It is amazing how limiting the options can be.  This has induced my first "wedding anxiety dream".  This dream had nothing to do with party rentals, but more along the lines of being overly bronzed, rain inside the church, no music, everyone in perfectly schemed blue yamakas (I'm not Jewish) and a slew of drunk bridesmaids.  Funny how the mind works. Anyway, back to rentals. I feel like every company has the same thing... until I came across Party Rental LTD. Holy options!  The skies are parting and I am finally witnessing, with my very own eyes, wedding rental bliss. Where have you been all my life?  From rattan to pewter, leather to stripes,copper to mother of pearl... this place has it all. Only one smallllll problemo. They have a few locations, all on the east coast.  Upon calling we were told they do not ship, but their website states otherwise.  I must investigate!  I have selected a few photos from the "lookes we love section". I am just hoping these lovely looks could help amp up a wedding in Metro Detroit.

Oh, and speaking of roads, my mom and I are hitting the highway at 5:30 tomorrow (wine, crackers and cheese packed) to go to the Columbus Scott's Antique Market.  I have only heard raving reviews on the Atlanta Scott's and am hoping that this one can hold flame everything I have heard about ol' Hotlanta. I am so excited to see what treasures we uncover.  I am ready for a big hunt!

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  1. Does this mean we can pack a road trip to the east coast to pick up your wedding linens?! :) Count me in!