Thursday, May 27, 2010

Book Worm

When I set out to gather a little bookshelf inspiration, for one of my fav people, Megan, the photos that came across my computer screen were nothing short of overwhelming. There are so many gorgeous  images out there!  I have always struggled with arranging bookcases as there is a fine line between being too cluttered and too stylized.  When bookcases are large their shear mass can almost overwhelm a room with a chaos that can distract from the other elements.  I love how the following photos have embraced their bookcase walls and have either made them a focal point or a more subdued backdrop. 

Image Via Branca Design
Chicago mega-watt designer, Alessandra Branca has filled the bookcase in her office with all books. I love the accent light library wall lamps and how they reinstate her signature color scheme of red.

 Image Via Canadian House and Home
This is a serious pop of color, not only is the wall color a bold choice, but so is the contrasting color on the back of the bookcase.  Somehow this works for me.  I guess there are times where you have to go bold or go home.

Image via the sadly extinct Domino.
 This is an oldie from Domino Magazine. I really enjoy how this is a cabinet of curiosities. The unusual objects grab your attention and the arrangement keeps your eye moving across the 'case.

 Image Via Domino
Another Domino gem.

Image Via Elle Decor, Elizabeth Martin
Another image where the back is painted another color.  I am enjoying how it is a darker shade from the walls, thus creating a difference that is noticeable but a little more subdued.

Image Via House Beautiful
 Hanging photos is another fabulous way to add interest to bookshelves.

Image Via Jan Showers
A gallery of artwork really add an element that is unexpected.

House Beautiful, Fern Santini
These bookcases do not overpower this room, I don't know if it is their symmetry or the color palette, but this is very warm and elegant.

This is a little random, but when I originally organized my photos I always was including mantels. I love everything about this.  The soft, soothing colors that translate the feeling of clean sophistication, the symmetry of the architectural prints, the Federal style mirror and the unified unbalance of the orchid and the print.  Not to mention, that stone fireplace is nothing short of amazing.

Image via Martha Stewart
Martha really knows how to add a little pizzaz. If you decide to go for a jazzy color combination, just keep it simple on the accessories.
Just lovin' Domino. Again and again...

Image via Miles Redd
This looks like such a livable space. The not-overly-stylized-yet-perfect look that imposes styling jealousy.

Image Via Steven Gambrel
Black doors leading into a perfect looking study alcove... and I'll take the picture lights too.

Image Via Steven Gambrel
Okay, so the mantle images are a little sparse, but got a little overwhelmed with all the bookcase beauties. I do enjoy here how the artwork is casually leaning, not hung, and the off centered arrangement of vases. Simple, intriguing and the carpet isn't so bad either. 

Image via Windsor Smith

 Bookcase Elle Decor
This is turning into the longest post ever. I think I have stated how much I love bookcases and hope anyone reading has gotten some good ideas.  I am about petered out on bookcase talk... but then I came across the most awesome compilation of bookcase inspiration ever.... 

Image Via, Isuwanee, via Country Living
This blog has the most amazing bookcase photos... Here is a sneak peek....


Two above images via  Isuwannee 

Okay, That's all!

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  1. That's all!? What, you couldn't find me any more pictures of bookcases?! haha, seriously, you outdid yourself this time!!! Thank you sooo much, I am overwhelmed!!Definitely walking away with some great ideas and inspiration (and will be hunting for one of the mirrors I saw in a mantle pic as well :) You are THE BEST!! Thanks again xoxo!