Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Rewind

I cannot believe it is already Friday!  Time is flying and I am honestly begining to think that there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I took a few photos on last weekend's trip that I will share here. First of all, I was probably the only person to pull out their digi as we were landing in Omaha, but how cool does this look? There is probably some totally logical rhyme and reason to the squiggly lines (professional term, I know), but I just thought they looked really beautiful.  I loved the organization of the farm grids combined with the organic lines.  I guess I just was suprised by the interesting terrain of America's bread basket.

We spent our Saturday at the Omaha zoo.  After hangin' at the monkey house (see "bullfrog" monkey below) we decided that we are all eerily similar.   All I can say is that thank goodness the bullfrog mating call was ditched in the evolutionary process!

This peacock is so amazing. A very refreshing color palate. I love the contrast of the bright blue next to the darker, black and white wing feathers. I even kind of like the chartreuse green of the green in the background. Possibly an interesting translation into an interior desugn scheme!
The wedding on Saturday took place at the Joslyn Art Museum.  The ceremony was in front of this huge Dale Chihuly sculpture. It was such a unique and cool backdrop.  I felt like the drama of the sculpture was a modern translation of the ornate alterpieces that adorn many of our magnificent churches. The reception was in the main hall and it could not have been more gorgeous. Awesome location and great weekend!

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