Monday, May 24, 2010

Flower Power

This weekend consisted of all things spring, the majority of which included farmer's markets and planting. With a mom who has a very green thumb, I am feeling like I ought to begin to cultivate my love for creating a green, leafy backyard haven. Really we all want our backyards to invoke a certain feeling and vibe- much like what we want to accomplish in designing our homes.


With Saturday dedicated to purchasing the goods at the Oakland Country farmer's market, Sunday was devoted to planting. I wish I could say I was sore because I got a tremendous workout, which people often say gardening is, but I really just think I strained musles and pulled ligaments I didn't even know I had. I do not feel anymore toned or sculpted after this foliage adventure, this endeavor just left me feeling hobbled and aged. I don't know if I would define my back yard as the "oasis" I had originally and optimistically set out to create, but it is looking much better. While the right side of the yard is looking cleaned up with boxwood, hostas and impatiens, the left side now looks horribly untended and messy. And so it goes. This is the same fact that usually applies when we try to tidy up life. We redo the living room and the family room looks tired. We get new carpet and the walls need to be repainted. It is a vicious cycle. Hopefully, we can all look at our worlds as half put together. Focus on the appealing right side of the yard, how pretty our living rooms look and how the new carpet has just snazzed up a room. There is always going to be disorder, chaos and a little mess-that's life. A fun life, a life well lived, can get a little dirty.

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