Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Back, Me.

Okay. So, it's been a while. I know. Sometimes I find myself wondering where the hours in a day go, days in the month and months in a year. Life flies and as soon as I know it, time has passed and I cannot even remember what I did 2 days ago. Oh, the tribulations of being a busy and  slightly overwhelmed 26 year old.  But, seriously, I know you guys have all felt it.  You get in the ZONE. Going about your day, through the motions... and.... voliĆ ... you've done half your Target run and you cannot remember what's in your basket.  Early age?  I think not. This is what I call the epitome of being a scatter brained. This is me.

Now I am starting to take "busy" less seriously. Everyone is busy. Everyone needs more sleep. Get over yourself.  Alrighty! Done. So, hello blog world (and hello, Nani, BAM & Avery!).  Sometimes I wonder what thoughts can be so valuable to put down in writing. When you forget alot, everything become valuable. Our thoughts and our ideas, while sometimes fleating, are so important in making us who we are. I have become one of those people who  have a notepad next to their beds. 

2 am. Dream. Good idea. Write it down or else you will never remember what on earth you were thinking. 8am. What in God's name was I thinking?

I guess my bottom line is, it's all important. It's essential to acknowledge our thoughts. Writing is the language of our brains and the cliff notes of our being.

And so it goes.... 

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  1. That is what I love, pictures of my loved ones. And they were lovely ones,too. Thanks, you, Nani