Friday, November 5, 2010

And George

When I mentioned in my previous post that we hit up some awesome antique stores in Charlottesville, it was because I did some major blog research before our departure. Much to Scott's dismay I showed up with a map and store hit list in hand.  Usually during our travels, Scott is at his happy place (the golf course) and I am perusing my happy places (museums, antique stores, garden and home tours, etc...). Not this trip. I loved having Scott accompany me on all my adventures, but I'm quite sure that feeling was not mutual :).

The biggest wealth of information came from the Scout Charlottesville blog.  Whooo-wieeee. This was a little gem of a blog.  I found so many wonderful places to pop into, but I have to say my favorite was And George. Check out their website here. This store was so beautifully laid out with treasures old and new. I loved the style, vibe and.... GEORGE!!

Scott, always the animal lover, and George!

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