Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Two weeks ago, Scott and I joined a group of some of our favorite people to celebrate Steve's 30th birthday.  This was one of the most fabulous weekends I have had in a while. Though, I must say, most weekends are pretty wonderful.  From the abundant antiquing, to walking around the UVA campus, to wine tasting (there are 24 vineyards in a 10 mile radius!) , to tailgating on the lawn and visiting Monticello, the whole weekend was an A+.  Sometimes I think we (I for the most part) forget how many wonderful places there are to visit on American soil.  A short plane ride paired with a long weekend and all of a sudden one will feel refreshed and rarin' to go.  Maybe it is because it's election time, or maybe I'm just feeling very patriotic, but I am going to go on a limb and say I'm on a major domestic kick. I am ready to explore America and all our great country has to offer. 

First stop, Charlottesville.

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  1. Your blog photos are always such a refreshing get-a-way from my desk! Keep those beautiful pics coming!