Friday, December 11, 2009


Last night a group of us went down to a party at the Detroit Institute of Arts for the Avedon Exhibit.  The evening was spent touring the galleries and listening to live music in Kresge Court. This is an exhibit that everyone must visit before it leaves town on January 17th.  I have to say, I am more drawn to Richard Avedon's early work.  I love how he put the models in everday backdrops or in enviroments of the unexpected.  His later works still have a very emotional element, but seemed to be more studio based.  The earlier work gives the viewer a lovely window into a time period that is so elegantly intriguing.  Although some of the photographs are more than 50 years old they look like they could have been taken yesterday.  I guess that goes to show that timless beauty and style is indeed everlasting. 

Kresge Court
as photographed by Jourdan Merritt.

Detroit Institute of Arts
Jourdan Merritt

Jourdan Merritt

I think the crowd in attendance was pretty good looking too!
(Thanks Jourdan for documenting!)

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  1. Loved loved loved the exhibition and also agree, his early work was more creative and innovative in the world of fashion photography. So glad you posted the woman at the pinball machine... I love the added details like her glass of champagne. Plus, who does love photos of Paris in the 1930's and 40's??