Friday, December 18, 2009

The Whitney

This week I went down to the Whitney to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  This is such a special restaurant in Detroit.  The ambiance is unbeatable and the food is nothing short of amazing.  Not to mention, they have a $35 prefixed menu right now that is delicious. Four courses with an array of options.  We tried almost everything on the menu and no one was dissapointed.  I think I even heard my Dad say the steak was "one of the best he's ever had".  Thats a true testament coming from a group of red meat lovers.

The Whitney is an architectural masterpiece.  Built by lumbar barron, David Whitney, the home was completed in 1894.  Then deemed "the most elaborate and substantial residence in this part of the country", the home displays quintessential Romanesque style. In 1894 this home cost $400,000 dollars to build and I cannot even begin to imagine what this type of construction would cost today.   Actually, in the current times we would not even be able to begin to recreate such an architectural success.  With Tiffany stained glass windows, original electrification by Thomas Edison and a rich collection of tapestries and unparalled details the home is filled with unmatched craftsmanship.

Below are a few pictures  I snapped during our visit.  I tried to  capture the  some of the details and ambiance, but I don't know that I really gave the home justice!

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  1. So glad to see a blog about one of Detroit's few remaining architectural gems that is still intact!