Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheap Chic

Ann sent me this really fun New York Times article this morning.  Being a newly engaged couple I find Scott and I have the same feelings stated by the Wootens in the article.  Scavenging our families basements while trying to gain an independant style can be a conflicting method.  While we are so grateful for the hand me downs we have recieved, there is also the desire to create fresh approach using the timeless furnishings. Wanting to invest in pieces for the long run while not spending tons of money can also solicit a fair amount of problems.

Using $4,500 I would say that this couple has created a refined and youthful look.  Not leaning too far in the direction (and worry) of looking like a parent's place, but also veering away from the college panache, this apartment is bright, cheery and sophisticated.  I think every young couple wants their abode to feel just that... young and stylish.  The majority of adults from my generation are still trying to find a style to define the space in which they are going to play out their life.

Images Via Dona Alberico for the New York Times

I find that the appropriate title for this style can be a "collected interior".  I mean, that's kind of what we are all doing.  We are collecting items that will give our homes an established feeling that is custom tailored to our interests and flair. For those who know me, they know that I have always been a collector.  I like items that have a story.  I like to look at a piece and be reminded of a memory, or a place, or the person I was with. This may be easier said than done, but don't get caught up in the rules.  If you love something it can work.  The interiors with the most spunk have an element of the unexpected.  The things in my home that I get the most compliments may not have a high monetary value, but are items that piqued my interest in some form or another.  Some of my favorite belongings have come from flea markets, garage sales or auction houses.  These are the things that give my house character.  

I did enjoy seeing how a small investment made such a change in the atmosphere of this apartment. While the couple had some good bones to work with, they also were able to insert their own personal finesse with some resonably priced items.

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  1. Sorry Ms. Wooten... I love that striped wall!!