Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Same Voice, New Name

As you may notice (or may not notice) I am here blogging under a new title. Just as Puff Daddy evolved into Diddy, I am reemerging as "The Revivalry". Dig it, Dog.

The Revivalry will encompass all that inspires me. I have always engaged the past into my present. I was probably the only kid in my second grade class to have seen every Katharine Hepburn movie and Judy Garland/Mickey Rooney film.  I also had all the biographies and Life magazines to support both of the above. In addition, I have Katharine Hepburn and Mickey Rooney's autographs. They finally caved after receiving about 15 fan mail letters from an oddly enthusiastic eight year old. For Judy Garland, I have a nicely framed, signed portrait of Liza Minelli. Obviously her closest link circa 1993. 

As my interest evolved, I rushed to every flea market, antique show and estate sale that represented a world seemed would be lost without my immediate attention.  I loved how the treasures I found uniquely embodied aspects of previous generations. It is through learning from the past I have learned to more greatly appreciate my present and anticipate my future. I look forward to sharing what invigorates my spirit.

You want to talk invigorate? Let's talk Michigan. For a state that gets a lot of shihtzu talked about it, I will be the first person to vouch for it's beauty and quality of people. For me, I see this place as a place where friends become family and the scenery cannot be beat. To kick off this home-state spirit, I am going to include a few photos of a recent Michigan Summer  weekend...


  1. Way to go, Annie! Loved the pics of your weekend up north. Is that Scott the 1st pic of the young man with the beard? I love your writing, so this new venue should be great. Love, Nani

  2. what an amazing weekend up north. love the new name and the new tone. you got it, girl.