Monday, October 26, 2009

Up North

This past weekend was filled with quintessential fall activities. Northern Michigan in the fall is practically unbeatable. The colors, temperature, smells and laid back atmosphere makes time spent up there completely satisfying. A group of us passed the time by taking walks, unsuccessfully hunting (though I can say I was not disappointed), doing puzzles (also an unsuccessful venture as we took on an 1,000 piecer with lots of solid blue sky), carving pumpkins and cooking an amazing meal of veggie lasagna and chicken piccata (of which I did not contribute due to my tendency to over season). The cabin could not have been cozier or the friends better.

I was excited this morning to wake up to an email of beautiful pictures taken by my friend, Brad. He really did a great job capturing the weekend, as he does many other adventures. I thought it would be nice to share the inspiring fall photos with all of you.

** I think I need to mention that this cabin was built entirely off site, deconstructed and then rebuilt on site. Pretty amazing.



The setting for the delicious dinner

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