Tuesday, November 3, 2009

To Gallery or Not To Gallery

I have a big, blank wall in my house that stares at me nightly. In the family room, nonetheless. I have thought and thought about what to do to make the room feel cozy and warm instead of naked and exposed. At first I kind of stayed clear of the gallery wall idea, but after seeing them time and time again I began warming up to the look. Literally. I have decided his look is the solution to warm up my family room. I am imagining the look of a collected interior. Kind of like a heritage timeline combined with a personal character outline. I do have to come to terms with the fact that this will be a work in progress, as I do not have years of collections to immediately tack up on my wall. If you were to ask if I had a multitude of museum posters (me) and golf memorabilia (Scott) we would be all set, but collegiate collections do not qualify under "collected interior". Here are a few images to kick my collecting self into high gear.

Charlotte Moss always does it right. This is her home office in her NYC town home.
Image Via New York Social Diary

Also Charlotte Moss's town home. I really like how these pieces surround the door, showing that gallery walls do not need to be limited to a big, empty wall. Also, aside from this gallery talk, I love that mirror paneled door.
Image Via New York Social Diary

I love this collection of family photographs unified by white mats and a sleek black frame. This seems to be from Domino's article on Nathan Turner's home, back in December 2008.
Image Via Flicker

I love the soft muted tones of this collection.
Designers: Kathy Bennett of J. Hartley Interiors of Mark Phelps Interiors.
Image Via Southern Accents

I love the symmetry that Bunny Williams uses in this living room.

Image Via Pfeiffer Photos

Everyone has probably seen this. But, it still excites me every time.
Designer, Thomas O'Brien. I think this is from Architectural Digest.

A female classic: The Carrie Bradshaw Look

Love this. Chock full and yet not chaotic.
Similar frames always helps to unify.

Shelves are also a nice way to go. Unfortunately, I see this being a potential disaster.
Designer, Katie Ridder. Image Via Brown Turtleneck Sweater

This is one of my all time favorites. I'll take that sofa too.
Designer, Kristen Buckingham. Elle Decor, March 2009.


  1. I LOVE Charolotte Moss and her protege of course. They definitely know the gallery wall look. Very inspiried by these pics.

  2. I think the gallery look will be fabulous in your living room. Let's get an addition at the Du Mouchelle preview!