Monday, November 9, 2009

Gifto Recap

The entrance to the show! Duncan Fuller supplied the lights and topiaries. With a few near electrical disasters, everything came together thanks to fishing wire and many extension cords. It looked very festive!

Yep. That's my mom on the left and my future mother in law on the right. They coincidentally showed up to the Champagne Opening in almost the exact same outfit.

Duncan Fuller also used these topiaries to decorate the Kingswood portico.

My Aunt Cathy and her business partner, Carmen, have started quite the production of floral arrangements. Their holiday wreaths and centerpieces were selling like hotcakes. Low maintence and stylish... I don't think there is much more one could ask for! In addition to gift shows they do custom work and decorations for homes. If anyone is in the market, let me know and I can put you in touch!

This display belongs to Ribbons of Birmingham, MI. They had some great holiday gifts and serving pieces, along with many other distinctive gifts.

A look down one of the hallways. Some of my other favorite vendors were:
  • Embellishments from Winnetka, IL. Every year I find an awesome piece of jewelry from this store. A wide variety of styles and always unique.
  • Just Cuff Links which has the most unbelievable assortment of cuff links, honestly something for everyone
  • StyleNaturale Jewelry. Pretty and simple. And... anything endorsed by Oprah is OK in my book.
  • Pewabic Pottery. I love the history and the craftsmanship.
  • Frontier Soups. I am going to welcome the winter culinary bliss these soups will afford me!A Michigan favorite!! Cherry Republic has the best array of snacks. From jams to salsa to a variety of cherry candies this place has something for everyone's palette. Not to mention, they make fabulous holiday baskets.

I loved the local flavor of this booth. Blueberry Haven makes specialty foods that are both locally grown and produced in Michigan. I did not know that Michigan is the largest producer of blueberries in the United States! I also didn't know that blueberries could be so delicious in so many types of food! They make jams, mixes (scone, oatmeal, muffin AND pancake), trail mix, chocolate covered blueberries and super cute apparel!

Partnered in this booth was also Made Here artisan breadboards. They were so cool and would make an amazing shower or holiday gift for any taste. I loved their simplicity.

This is a look into the Kingswood dining hall which housed an amazing array of shops. The Style Shack, Thomas Pink, The Monogram Place, Caroline's Cakes, and a slew of other stores.

Good Bye, Giftorama! This year was just so fun that I am exceptionally sad to see the event come to a close, but I am also looking forward to see what the steering committee comes up with next!

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