Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Table


This Thanksgiving was wonderful in so many ways.  The dinner was pretty flawless (suprise!) and also delicious.  Everyone was so helpful that I almost did not feel like I had enough to do!  All the items in the centerpiece came from the Eastern Market trip.  I was very happy with how everything looked.   The turkey was also delish.  Not as much to making a turkey as I had anticipated.  All you really have to do is babysit it... that I could handle. We stayed up until the wee hours playing a ruthless game of trivial pursuit pop culture. The weekend was also filled catching up with friends and the Gobble Wobble charity event.  After 2 months of planning, I think we can call it a huge success.  400 young people showed up to dance and socialize all while supporting the CATCH charity.  

Overall, what a success!  Now, onto Christmas!!

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