Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Inspiration

This year I have decided to host Thanksgiving.  A bit of a risk, if I do say so myself.  I don't know if I was energized by my new status as a first time homeowner or the misguided by  illusions of our house filled with family, food and laughter, but this might be one of those instances where I have bitten off more than I can chew.  Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about creating an ambience and setting that will hopefully make this a memorable Thanksgiving (and I mean memorable in a fond way... not memorable in a way where Thanksgiving dinner results in emergency take-out).

With one oven the cooking may be a bit of a challenge, but I think I am going to go the route of the pot-luck-style holiday. Everyone can bring their favorite dish (one I am sure has been perfected over many years of holiday dinners). A friend of mine did mention to me that I should "test how my oven cooks"... hmpf. You mean warming up Trader Joe's taquitos isn't a sufficient test?

Now the part I can get really excited about. The decor! I have decided that I am going to move all of the furniture out of the living room and set up our dining room table. We have built in bookcases and a wood burning fireplace in the living room which will provide a very warm and cozy backdrop for the family feast. I believe that having everyone around the same table for a holiday dinner is a must and ambiance aside, this is the only place in our house where this can be achieved. While the below pictures are obviously more grandoise than my living room, they got me thinking how amazing and intimate it can be to eat in other rooms of the home. I would love a meal surrounded by all those books or seated next to that roaring fire.

 Images above via Elle Decor 
To get some inspiration for my table setting I decided to go to the most well known domestic goddess, Martha Stewart (some can enter a groan of distaste here).


I love the use of fruit and nuts here... all very natural and not overdone.

Okay, this may have been in the Christmas entertaining file...but I do love the pears...

I like the use of color here.  It doesn't scream harvest or Thanksgiving or Turkey.  It is organic, simple and elegantly fall.

This is a little chilly... but I think gold spray paint makes anything better. I will definitely be adding a little glitz to my table.

I have seen this before and I love it everytime. Maybe I will glitz up the pear name tag? Hmm....

Thank You, Martha

Sorry. A bit morbid. But pheasants are beautiful birds.  Scott goes on a pheasant "hunt" every Thanksgiving.  I'll see if during his man time he can find a few minutes to steal me some feathers for the centerpiece.
Image Via Garden & Gun

This is gorgeous. Delightful. Maybe if I took some of those pink tones and made them a little bit more orange and amber it could work.  I love the berries tucked in there.  I am going to use different materials to try to get that textural effect.
Image Via Southern Accents

Since having 15 people means a long table, I am thinking of doing a long "trough" and fill it with flowers, vegtables, berries, etc... I like this one, but I think I would make mine overflow more and not have the same order that this centerpiece exhibits.

I'm thinking this cabbage would be a nice starting point...
Image via Flickr

Alright, I will be sure to report back on all progess Thanksgiving related.  I think a visit to the farmer's market will get the festive wheels a turnin'.

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